OTVMPS Background to video for launch of takeaway and delivery service by Tea 4 Two, Kefalos, Kos, Greece

We launched our Tea 4 Two Takeaway and Delivery Service in April 2020.
We asked the guy that does our web site for us (Chris @ Kefiweb) if he could help promote it.   He had created One Topic Video Mini Pages – or OTVMPS for short – and wanted to try it out for our launch.
You can see what went live on 10th April at https://otvmps.com/t42
Here is the OTVMPS image he used for doing the posts on Facebook and LinkedIn.

image otvmps tea 4 two takeaway an delivery service clickable social media link


We have added a few frames from that video here.

image otvmps-one-topic-video-mini-pages-tea-4-two-takeaway-delivery-service-010102_t42
image otvmps-one-topic-video-mini-pages-tea-4-two-takeaway-delivery-service-010103_t42
image otvmps-one-topic-video-mini-pages-tea-4-two-takeaway-delivery-service-010104_t42

image otvmps-one-topic-video-mini-pages-tea-4-two-takeaway-delivery-service-010105_t42
image otvmps-one-topic-video-mini-pages-tea-4-two-takeaway-delivery-service-010106_t42
image otvmps-one-topic-video-mini-pages-tea-4-two-takeaway-delivery-service-010107_t42

image otvmps-one-topic-video-mini-pages-tea-4-two-takeaway-delivery-service-010108_t42
image otvmps-one-topic-video-mini-pages-tea-4-two-takeaway-delivery-service-010109_t42
image otvmps-one-topic-video-mini-pages-tea-4-two-takeaway-delivery-service-010110_t42